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I found yer hips! by lokifenr1r
I found yer hips!
rattletrap being a goof and snuggling on The Spine (Yamisguardianangel's rp muse) 
The actual spine is from steam powered giraffe, and belongs to the Bennets.
Spine and rattles by lokifenr1r
Spine and rattles
Spine (yamisguardianangel's spine RP muse) and my OC rattletrap sharing a hug. they're such cute dorks!
1) America invites you to a party at his house. What do you do?
Go! I don't get invites often!

2) You get to America's house at 7:00 pm when he said to be there for the walk inside and nobody is there except for him. What do you do?
where is everyone...? *and look for a squad of zombie hunters*

3) America sheepishly reveals that he wanted to watch a movie with you as a sort of date but was too nervous to ask directly. You? America..i'm FAR too young for you.....

4) You wake up one morning to find Germany lying next to you in bed. You?
"who are you? you're not Uncle Russia......

5) Germany wakes up and says he doesn't really know how he got into your house either. You?

" need to go before the others wake up hungry..."

6) Prussia stole your car.
I don't own a car......

7) Prussia crashed your car.
see above.

8) France shows up at your door and gives you a bouquet of roses.! i like flowers.

9) You're over at Japan's house when suddenly Japan gives you a kiss on the cheek.


10) England gets drunk at starts to hump you. You?
*hit him repeatedly with my weapon.* AGH! get off! get off! UNCLE RUSSIA! HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLP!

11) Romano accuses you of stealing his tomatoes. You?

8said with mouth full of tomato.* you don't want them back i hope..?

12) Romano won't stop accusing you and is getting pretty verbal now.

I ATE them, the ones i didn't are full of radiation...if you want them back, talk to my....friends..*looming zombie horde!*

13) It turns out Spain took the tomatoes to make something for dinner.

*hits spain with irradiated sunflower to punish him!*

14) America and England are fighting again. Which side do you take?

15) You see Canada crying. What do you do?
*pat his ehad, and hug him..and when he looks, likely send him runnign screamign at the emre sight of me.*

16) Canada reveals that he was trying to talk and Prussia butted in and made him look like a fool.

oh? let's go hit him!

17) You're Hetalia crush runs up and hugs you....after holding it for a while he gets a boner.
I..I'm too young for you....(said to anyone who shows affection like that to a zombie)

18) Your crush is horribly embarrassed (unless it's France).

YOU SHOULD BE! coming onto a kid like me..PERVERT!

19) Your crush reveals that they are in love with you. You? 8shy blushing blink.* but I'm too young for such a thing....

20) After a while of dating, you and your boyfriend finally kiss. What is your first kiss like?

not sure..but on cher's end it'd taste like iodine and formeldahyde..with a hint of rotten, burnt out decayed places.

21) After a long time of dating your boyfriend gets hard up against you again. You?


22) Your boyfriend is extremely nervous. You can tell he wants to do things with you but wants to be respectful and wait for you.
good. i'm too young for that..and besides, Russia has to ok it first.

23) Whatever you decided to do with you boyfriend, it's a good while later...what do you say to him?

uhm....well.... I love you?

24) Your boyfriend tells you he will never leave you. You?

that's very nice...but i don't fade away or might...i don't want to lose anyone...

25) During a romantic moment with your boyfriend, Tony walks in and sits down next to you. You?

8blink, and smile.* hi.

26) Suddenly Flying Mint Bunny lands on your head.


27) Russia wants you to become one with him. What do you do?

(already one with russia. ^_^)

28) Germany wants you to train with him. You?

hope he can outrun the walkign dead locked in your reactor three building....

29) France gropes you. You?

hit him with a Uraniaum rod (my weapon)

30) Your boyfriend asks you to marry him!

Only if Russia says this is ok.....

31) So now that you're married, are you going to have kids?
we could...buildign three had still functioning labs..i could make us up a...oh..THAT way? nononon...I'm male. that doesn't work.


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